1000+ Project:Waiting for the blue

12 August - 16 October 2018

The “1000+” originated by the Thousand Plateaus Art Space will present the experimental video works by three young artists Tong Wenmin, Xu Linyu, and Yu Guo. This projected has been entitled “Waiting for the Blue”, a metaphor of the youngest generation of Chinese artists who keep a distance while tangling with the reality of the society. All of the three come from ChongQing, so their works could also be seen as a latest sample of the video arts in southwest China, where paintings have their deep traditions.


Their works all put critical attitudes into familiar environments with deeply carved scars, avoiding grand narratives. Tong Wenmin’s works are based on her own performance. Her personal but normalized solicitude reflects an alienated reality. Xu Lin’s narration begins with identities in a family, criticizing the emotional connections and confrontations between personalities and identities. Yu Guo’s video works come from his own painting, putting a “painterly” absurdity into real scenes.

Installation Views