Cold Truth

7 December 2016 - 28 February 2017
Press release

A Thousand Plateaus Art Space will launche Feng Bingyi's solo exhibition “Cold Truth” on December 17th, 2016. Feng Bingyi is a young artist who constantly make breakthroughs in her development in the video art field. And her works have received widespread attentions due to the poetic images and physically contemplative structure. The exhibition will show her latest works from nearly one year.

Video and the combination between video and the text within are always the main parts of Feng Bingyi’s creation. She early found inspiration from the fairy tale books, such as Andersen's Fairy Tales and Extensive Records Compiled in the Taiping Years, a book written in China during the Song Dynasty. Her works is not a simple adaptation of original stories, but beginning with some details, like a stork as the spectator in the original tale, and then extending to her own new narrative. In the following works, her video structures are constantly expanding, for instance, there are some scenes shot in the vast desert during the travel time, and others that contain carefully planned performances and long shots, in addition with the quote or re-editing of classic film clips. At the same time, the musics in her videos are often composed and produced by herself. Of course, as a music lover, she sometimes clips some classic or unwell-known musical works, and intersperses them with voiceover or monologue. These materials, including self-experience, inner feelings, and external text or videos, all show a new sense of unity in the strict formulation of the video language, with the visible visual rhythm, drawing a sharp and open spiritual world. Therefore, these works are not in the collage logic, instead, they are a kind of self establishment of experience based on visual methodology. In her recently completed series "Clitche" , the narrative begins to reflect the inevitable deviation of the contemporary text itself. Seeing the wave of postmodernist thoughts, when people want to use rational thinking to describe the world’s history, society, science, and individual and so on, it can not be avoided in the suspicious on the text itself , so that the "real" becomes more and more far. Feng Bingyi's videos resist the loose force with their own forms, sticking to her inner self and faith to construct a world of her own, rather than yielding to the postmodernism.

The exhibition will last until February 28th, 2017, and we will continue to launch reports and documentation during this period. Opened at the same time, Bi Rongrong's solo exhibition "Fiction Landscape" will be on display at A Thousand Plateaus Art Space. Please pay attention to the relevant information.