Paris Internationale 2018

16, Rue ALFRED DE VIGNY, Paris, France, 16 - 21 October 2018

Being loyal to its nomadic spirit of the first three fairs, the 4th Paris Internationale will take place at a five-story mansion of 19th century next to Parc Monceau in central Paris on October 21, 2018. The 4th Paris Internationale will highlight the unique cultural identities of international participants and explore the uniqueness of regional culture and art in the context of globalization.


As the only one gallery from China, A Thousand Plateaus Art Space has the honor to be invited. The exhibition will mainly feature the part of serial works of two female artists: Chen Qiulin’s “Another Day” and Xiong Wenyun’s “The Flowing Rainbow”. The medium will be in the form of video, photography, installation and etc. The two artists respectively extend their perspectives to remote areas of China ---The village of Tong ethic group located in southeast Guizhou province, Tibetan areas in Sichuan province and remote Tibetan areas. The works reveal the forgotten side of society in the context of rapid economic development and urbanization in China. The two artists demonstrate their keen interest in the art through their works which are characterized by their personal artistic languages.