Chen Qiulin | Exihibition FLOWING WATERS NEVER GO BACK TO THE SOURCE, Jumièges Abbey, Paris, France

From the re-appropriation of traditional Chinese painting where idealized landscapes seem suspended in time (“mountain-water”) to the accelerated modernization of the country and its consequences on nature and environment, and visual narratives using its evocative power, the river has formed a recurring motif of inspiration for photographers in China for the past twenty years - whether they are Chinese or not.
Exhibited artists: Yang Yongliang, Sui Taca, Luo Dan, Michael Cherney, Edward Burtynsky, Zhuang Hui, Chen Qiulin, Mu Ge, Liu Ke, Jia Zhangke, Zhang Xiao, Chen Ronghui, Zhang Kechun.
“Flowing Waters Never Go Back to the Source. Photographers looking at the river in China” is an exhibition conceived by Victoria Jonathan with Bérénice Angremy (former directors of the Chinese photography festival Jimei x Arles, founders of the Franco-Chinese cultural agency Doors) for the Jumièges Abbey as part of the 2020 Normandie Impressionist festival.
Produced by Doors agency, the project is organised with the support of the French department of Seine-Maritime. A catalogue (bilingual French-Chinese) of the exhibition, including reproductions of the exhibited works and exclusive interviews with the artists, will be published by Bandini Books and available for sale from 15 July.
Public programs related to the theme of the exhibition (lectures, encounters, workshops for children) will take place in 2020, notably as part of the literary festival Terres de Paroles to be held in Seine-Maritime from 2 to 22 October. (programme available on
July 1, 2020