22 July - 22 September 2017
Installation Views
Press release

A Thousand Plateaus Art Space is honored to announce that Chen Xiaoyis personal project Never!” will open on 22nd, July, 2017 in the project space on the third floor of A Thousand Plateaus Art Space. The Gallery launches the project space to provide more experimental scenes for artists and allow them to be curators at the same time. There will be at least 5 projects every year.


Chen Xiaoyi was born in Sichuan, China in 1992. Currently lives and works in Chengdu. In 2014, she received MA in photography from the London College of Communications and was awarded the LCC/ Photo fusion Prize. Chen's work has been exhibited and published internationally; she won 2015 Three Shadows Photography Award in the most prestigious photography contest in China.


Using pictures as media of metaphor, nature as intermedium, Chens past works discuss about the spiritual initiative experience. In KOAN” (20132015) series, she used photogravure and selected abstract landscape to make prints, and to explore the hidden reality and rules in a simplifying and abstract way. The series An Infinitesimal Wink” (20152016) reproduced the image of subtle details of the world, confused the boundary between the macro and the micro concept, to overturn viewers experience of reality. The probe into the real and virtual image has mapped an enantiomorph for hereven though the contradictory perceptual experience freely travels in and out of the cave, it remains the same in essence. Consequently, the original phenomenon reveals things that cannot be revealed in the most direct way: existence appears to be nothingness, which constitutes an insurmountable transparent barrier.


In this project, Chen Xiaoyi is still capturing a daily mystery in broad daylight. She extends the flatness viewing of pictures into more various perceptions. Experiencing the rupture of time and daily life, Chen cuts into her own reality as the opportunity and possibility to create a cave for herself. Standing on the middle point of the unsolved barrier, she attempts to reach a synchronic structure between two spaces, in order to gain a little overflowing perception from it. Till now, her art works are no longer to confuse the distinction between reality and illusion, but to catch an echo that constantly strikes and recurs in the never-ending and non-positioning structure from the unknown void.


“Keep production as a mirror

Keep death as an exchange

Keep the world as a simulacrum”

--Jean Baudrillard