Wang Xiyao: A Dance to Fly in the Blossoming Trees

26 June - 3 August 2021

Many things in life seem to be repetitive, and we need new visions to discover the uniqueness of every day.

On June 26th 2021, A Thousand Plateaus Art Space will present the solo exhibition of Wang Xiyao: A dance to fly in the blossoming trees. She will share with us a new world in her creative stares and brought us in a strange yet familiar place where our hearts can dance again.

Press release

Wang Xiyao was born in ChongQing and lives in Berlin. Her paintings contain abundant yet sentient experiments on materials. She sees every piece of pigment as a living thing, for example the pencil is a kind of bird, and the oil is a whale...Her works grow from different cultural environments across China and Europe, with explosive powers and elegance. The touches and structures remind us of electronic musics in Berlin, or the food in ChongQing, with their bold and unrestrained tempers. And The colors and spaces remind us of classical architectures in Europe, or the Changjiang River, with their sense and stability.

Swinging between figurative and abstractive, Wang Xiyao’s paintings go beyond styles and symbols. As an artist born in the 1990s, she presents a new cultural phenomena that the artists can no longer stay avant-garde by creating new styles or materials, as they have to shape first of all an independent self with the spirit of freedom. Her works present no conceptual themes, instead they reflect both the world and the vision of the audience. Put in Phenomenology, her works inhabit only in the process of perception. And with their guidance, the audience can find a new refuge for their visions of the world.

Wang Xiyao’s works are not a result of, nor a style that coordinates with, any given artistic routines shaped by geographical or social conditions. They represent only her own experience in an empirical manner. In a time when technologies and Capitalism almost dominate, Wang Xiyao’s works of introspection and contemplation present a fragile yet treacherous gesture. And we need to be reminded that Humanism must stay as the base of our world. And the independence of mind, freedom, and imaginations shall not be absent in any circumstances.

The exhibition will last until August 3rd, and we look forward to your visit