Gallery Weekend Beijing 2021

Beijing 798 Art Center, 23 April - 20 May 2021
Level 1

A Thousand Plateaus Art Space is pleased to present a series of representative works by three artists, Chen Qiulin, Cang Xin, and Li Lang in Beijing Gallery Week 2021.


Cang Xin began to create with the act of "licking" in 1996, using his tongue to contact different objects, which became a silent way of communicating with the outside world at that time. From objects in daily life, to traditional objects representing Chinese characteristics, to being at the feet of landmark buildings everywhere, Cang Xin closely linked his private licking behavior with the open external environment, and gradually evolved the transcendental consciousness of "all things are connected" and "all things are animist".


Li Lang's works are mostly based on his in-depth exploration of a certain point of view. The long-term contact and thinking about a certain group or event have reached the depth of his creative content. The Yi People series is a representative work of Li Lang's early "documentary". It reproduces the coexistence and conflict between the natural environment and the humane society through dense and intense recording of the areas inhabited by The Yi People. 30219 Days, including the Wall Installation and documentary film, is part of Li Lang's project to commemorate his father. Li Lang has written 241,752 numbers on the "wall" which represents 30219 days, that is, Li Lang's father's living dates. And then he scraped off by knife one by one, living traces on it. A Long Day of A Certain Year originated from a high-speed train that Li Lang took on a 4,600-kilometer round trip. He used statistical sampling to photograph the scenery outside the window, following the train through this familiar and unfamiliar country. His lens shows a certain essential relationship between the self and the world that transcends the law of causality.



Chen Qiulin's public project "Drown" continues the artist's use of tofu as acreative medium and cultural symbol for many years, and aims to explore the relationship between people and "fragile" objects.Th performancer will present the physical experiment in an abstract wooden mold full of tofu.The human body will touch, entangle, and confront the "tofu"... The performance will abandon the conventional livemusic, instead, the sound has been captured and produced by a kind of sound performance art. Through the feeling of the environment and the scene of the work, the sound artist senses the dramatic changes of the scene with his own body in the way of holographic sound. He creates an interactive relationship with the body Language and impromptu captures and creates the sound, finally forming the holographic text of the background sound of Drown. Audiences can perceive the scene ofthe work through the soundscape interactive system, in which the arrival of the audience at different times has a specific relationship with the work. Through watching and listening, the audience can feel the diverse narration of the work in the uncertainty.