The Square of Chunxi Road, Chengdu, 25 April 2018 
Booth A08

A Thousands of Plateaus Art Space will exhibit artworks of gallery agencies and co-artists in the ART CHENGDU Contemporary Art Fair in 2018, including two units of “abstract” and “portrait”. The “abstract” unit will exhibit artists: Wang Chuan, Yang Shu, Wang Jun, Chen Qiulin, aaajiao(Xu Wenkai) Feng Bingyi, Wang Ruo Ru’s works; The “Portrait” will exhibit artists: He Duojun, Pang Maoxi, Guo Wei, Yang Lan, Xiong Yu, Zhai Liang’s works. The works cover different art forms such as painting, installation, sculpture, and video. A Thousand Plateaus Art Space hopes to display the outstanding works of these artists in the inaugural Chengdu Art Fair and conveys the gallery's understanding of the contemporary art language.