Beijing Exhibition Center No.135 Xizhimen Outer Street, 30 May - 2 June 2019
Booth B01

A Thousand Plateaus Art Space will exhibit Wang Chuan's abstract ink paintings at “2019 JINGArt.” The exhibition presents Wang’s own artistic venation in development within the field of abstract ink painting from 1995 to the present, while also showcasing his avant-garde posture in traditional media.


During the “85 New Wave” period of the 1980s , Wang Chuan broke away from the figurative oil painting which was exemplary of his early years, and began his exploration of abstract art in the field of both ink and oil painting. On the one hand, his work is more rational and subtle, attempting to effectively integrate Chinese and Western cultures and aesthetics with a rigorous, rather than rebellious approach. The metaphor and introspective temperament in his work shows his autonomy and reflection in the context of general history and society. On the other hand, his personal experience in fighting with disease is seen in his caring and healing touch, which lets his work go beyond the narrative of art and history and brings out his strong personal character and sincere humanistic care.


This exhibit will showcase 15 ink paintings, beginning with Wang Chuan’s 1995 piece “Disappearing Geometry”, where he outlines “the five colours’ division in Chinese ink” and his unique brushstrokes on ink, which in turn reveals his development of visual structure and texture. The demonstration of stretches, turns, squeezes, and tensions of all his exhibited works acts as his silent monologue about his life experiences, thoughts, and sentiments.