Art Basel Online Viewing Rooms

Online, 18 - 25 March 2020

A Thousand Plateaus Art Space is delighted to announce our participation in Art Basel’s first iteration of Online Viewing Rooms, a new digital platform designed to connect galleries and collectors from around the world. We intend to present the solo project of Wang Chuan (b.1953) with his “Box” series of paintings.



The “Box” series is inspired by the image of brocade boxes in Tang Dynasty murals. The artist abandons the meaning of box as a storage object, regarding it as an empty sign to reflect contemplation rather.  This series is the crystallization of Wang Chuan‘s reflection on his own experience and socio-historical process. As a continuation of his spiritual self-healing, he tried to free himself from sensation and stereotype while maintaining self-awareness, and to break through the entanglement of Eastern and Western art concepts. Wang Chuan uses lines and space as the subject of painting, leaving the joy of thinking and interpretation to the viewer, through which he balances the figuration and abstraction, spirit and flesh, reality and concept.


Wang Chuan, born in 1953, Chengdu, China, is one of the pioneers of the art movement “85 New Wanes” of Chinese contemporary art. Wang Chuan has suffered from cancer in the late 1990s. After treatments, rehabilitation, and conversion to Buddhism, he re-established the understanding of society and life and regarded painting as an important means of spiritual reflection and self-healing. His work organically blends the traditional Chinese painting brushwork and the Western abstract painting language, expressing his contemplation of personal life experience and the detailed inquiry into the nature of life.